Recovery Points & Accessories



Recovery is an inevitability when four wheel driving. You need rated recovery points that can safely withstand and distribute the loads of a recovery – which is something stock tow points aren’t designed to do.

Ironman 4x4 has created recovery points that are both rated and designed to be fitted (and sold) in pairs, allowing an equalisation strap to be used and provide multiple attachment points during a recovery. Powder coated red for ease of identification – especially when covered in dirt and mud, Ironman 4x4 recover points are perfect for winching and snatch recoveries.

With holes to suit a 4.75t shackle, hooking up is simple and compatible with your standard recovery kit.


Don't get caught without it! We stock a huge range of recovery gear including:

  • Exhaust Jacks;

  • Recovery Straps & Snatches;

  • High Lift Jacks; 

  • Winches;

  • Shovels;

  • Bow Shackles;

  • Soft Shackles;

  • Flags;

  • Leather Recovery Gloves;

  • Recovery Hitch 

  • Total Traction by TREDS; and

  • Universal Recovery Hook.

We also sell recovery kits to give you the complete package of the essentials.