Winches & Recovery Accessories

Winches are some of the most effective tools you can have fitted to your 4x4. Perfect for pulling your 4x4 out of a bog, up a hill or through a section that isn't safe to drive. Winches are also useful tools used for removing fallen trees or other obstacles blocking your path.

Over the years Ironman 4x4 has spent significant time developing and improving it's range of winches. With the only winches in the market to come from the factory with a breather on the motor as well as many other class leading features.

We stock Ironman 12,000lbs & 9,500lbs, steel cable & synthetic rope winches.

Never leave home again without the security and peace of mind offered by an Ironman 4x4 Monster Winch.

We stock and sell a range of recovery equipment, including but not limited to:

  • Exhaust Jack

  • High Lift Jacks

  • Winch Dampener Blanket

  • Flags

  • Shovel

  • Leather Gloves

  • Recovery Hitch

  • Bow Shackle

  • Treds

  • Recovery Kits

  • Recovery Straps & Snatches

  • Tree Trunk Protectors 

  • Recovery Points