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Transform your vehicle interior from fabric to leather with Doyles!

Our automotive leather is hard wearing, durable, and easy to maintain.

The highest selling leather upgrade option we offer is 100% Premium Leather.

We have over 30 leather colours to choose from so you can completely customise your car interior to suit your style. Choose from a large range of grey, black, and neutral colours for a classic look, or one of our brighter colours to make your interior pop.


See below a current list of makes and models we offer our upgrades on.



Our sports foam upgrades are available for most vehicles, and will completely transform your interior!

These foams not only look great, but provide added driving comfort.

We can completely customise the design to your taste and preference with two tone leather options, custom stitch inserts, embroidery, or embossing.


Starting price for 2 x front seats upgraded to leather with sports foams is $3,000.

Any custom stitch inserts, embroidery, embossing, etc will be additional



Is the roof of your car sagging?

Our expert trimmers have the solution!

Typically, your roof lining has begun to sag as the foam holding the material in place has begun to rot. Simply gluing the material back to the roof will only provide a temporary solution as the foam will continue to rot, bringing the material back down with it in a matter of days-weeks.

At Doyles, we remove the roof liner from the vehicle, remove the existing fabric, scrub away rotted foam adhesive, respray with new adhesive, retrim in new material, and refit the roof liner back into the vehicle.

Pricing for a roof lining replacement starts at $450. 
Please note that we are unable to provide this service if your vehicle has a sunroof fitted.



Don’t drive with winter back ache, warm up quickly with one touch seat heaters. The innovative woven carbon fibre offers the best in heat distribution to provide consistent warmth through the cushion base and back rest. Our seat heaters have a dual temperature low/high/off illuminated switch and can only be activated when the ignition is on to ensure peace of mind.

Starting price is $1,700 to supply and install seat heaters in the 2 x front seats

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